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Terms and Conditions

"Organizer”, “Us”, “Ours” refers to XTM Ltd, and where referenced as such, Horizon Africa Ltd, “You”, and “Your” means a participant, presenter and or someone listing their items for trade within the context of the Hustlemania event (“Event”).

“Bid Units” or “BUNs” are units for which goods or items (“Items”) are being traded for.

1. Attendance is by pre registration only at (“HM Web App”) or through the REx Wallet application (if available).

2. You must have a smartphone with internet access and log in to HM Web App or the Rex Wallet application (if available).

3. If you list an item, you will be given 2,000 BUNs prior to the start of the event. We do not sell BUNs to anyone and the only way to get it from Us will be by participating in the event or earning it at participating partners. BUNs can be transferred to users with an HM Web App account or Rex Wallet user. The Organiser reserves the right to vary the number of BUNs given in subsequent Events.

4. You can convert your reward or loyalty points you have earned with other vendors, provided they are enrolled in the Hustlemania program, to BUNs.

5. Non-virtual events (NVEs). A maximum of 20 people can attend and participate in person at the Event, unless advised otherwise by the Organiser. Confirmation of attendance will be sent to You via email. Note, that we will not contact you with unsolicited matters. You must be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the Event.

6. The total supply of BUNs is set and can’t be changed at 100,000,000 BUNs.

7. Participants can list items they would like to trade for BUNs from the HM Web App wallets at least 24 hours prior to the Event start time. At NVEs, all items must be inspected before being displayed and presented by the Organizer. Items may be rejected.

8. If you chose to trade your Item, you will have a maximum of 20 seconds to present it from a video or 60 seconds in NVE. You may present items in bundles. You shall not be entitled to seek any compensation or other damages from the Event Organizer, Horizon Africa for any outcomes in connection to the trade (or failure to trade) of your Item or any other matter in connection to the Event.

9. Hustlemania is the property of XTM Ltd. For in-situ events it may be filmed and broadcasted by XTM through its media channels. In this event, you agree to give over any rights, title, and interests you may have in connection with the contents being filmed (the Content) to XTM. You acknowledge that XTM is able to distribute the Contents in any and every way it can.

10. All bids will cause BUNs to be escrowed. The winning bid will be transferred immediately to the seller and the Item will change ownership at that time. You understand the transactions are final and You will have no recourse for returns.

11. Winning participants are required to collect their Items at a place indicated by the seller; for NVEs, then immediately after the bid is over.

12. A contract of sale is concluded at the time indicated in the application.

13. Transfers will occur immediately following the close of the trade. Title in the Item traded does not pass to the acquirer until such times as the BUNs are transferred in full.

14. There is no reserve price on any bids.

15. You may participate remotely or at NVEs pursuant to these terms.

16. Hustlemania is a product of the XTM Ltd and will be governed by the XTM LTD's Privacy Policy as well as its other applicable policies.

17. The wallet application used in Hustlemania events is built and maintained by Horizon Africa Ltd.

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